CoQ (10) and You

A very long time ago I wrote an article about CoQ10 ( also known as CoEnzyme Q10) and me being stranded on a desert island together. The premise of the article was what nutritional supplement would I bring to such a place if I could only bring one. I chose CoQ10 then and I would choose CoQ10 now.

What exactly is CoQ10 and why do I think it is important to include in my nutritional life line?  CoQ10 is a vitamin like “essential” nutrient. Our bodies make CoQ10 wonderfully well in our early 20’s but the CoQ10 making machinery slows down after that. We do get some CoQ10 in food we eat IF we eat organ meats, beef, sardines and mackerel. On the vegetable side of the table, broccoli, spinach and cauliflower do contain small amounts of CoQ10. CoQ10 is absolutely essential for us to maintain a strong healthy heart, healthy kidney function, and protection against cellular oxidation. CoQ10 also increases our ability to form and utilize Adenosine Triphosphate (big word for our body’s currency for energy and vitality). CoQ10 is especially important for people taking a statin drug.  Statin drugs, which are prescribed to control cholesterol levels, severely deplete the body’s ability to make CoQ10, thus increasing the chances of suffering a serious heart event.

In February, Choice Health is promoting CoQ10 in select milligram strengths made by one of our favorite manufacturers, Natural Factors, one of the largest nutritional product manufacturers in North America. They are located in British Columbia where Canadian production standards are even higher than here in the states. Natural Factors uses an exact replica of our body’s own CoQ10, blended with Vitamin E and rice bran oil for best absorption and utilization.  You can find Natural Factors brand CoQ10 in our Heart Section and can be purchased in double packs – essential buy one bottle – get one bottle free. This is a terrific time to either try CoQ10 for the first time or stock up if you are a dedicated CoQ10er like myself.

I hope I have convinced you to try CoQ10 if you haven’t already or to continue taking it if you already do – and by some chance get stranded on that desert island!

-Suellen Duga



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